Miles Ozakaki's Trickster at Blues Alley

InstantSeats uploaded this event on February 14, 2020


Blues Alley
1073 Wisconsin Avenue Nw
Washington, DC


Wed, June 3, 2020
8:00 PM


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The trickster figure is an ancient archetype in human folklore. Tricksters are creative in nature, using mischief and magic to disrupt the state of things, breaking taboos and conventions, opening doorways. They exist outside of the mainstream, working from the margins, creating movement across the borders. They cause damage and they heal. They are storytellers and improvisers. Because these ideas resonate with my approach to music-making, it occurred to me that the trickster could be a fertile theme for a new book of compositions. As I began my research, I looked for themes that seemed musical in nature, translating them into compositions for quartet...

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